Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Code & Coffee for October 3, 2018

Here is what you missed:

What is a `trie` and the genesis of this insomnia driven tweet:
A lot more about `tries`  pretty sure Othelle was thinking I fell off the deep end.

A review of linked list traversal.

A potential match opportunity for a searching developer and an empty position (I really hope there is more to talk about on this front soon)

We also talked about
Spring boot:

Programming interviews, specifically “Programming Interviews Exposed”:

$20-ish on Amazon:

The Cormen “Introduction to Algorithms” book:
I don't have this one yet, but do have the Sedgewick and Skiena books and we compared and contrasted those.

On the topic of algorithms, this is on my reading list:  it looks really interesting, and looks like does an interesting job of drawing parallels between algorithms and real life experiences.  If you decide to check it out, please let me know what you think of it.

Up next week:
I am developing some sorting games that we can try out, would be interesting to get some feedback to see if they seem useful and warrant further development.
Perhaps a presentation on linked list traversal?
Also open to suggestions

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Code and Coffee September 19, 2018

Here in Grand Rapids a few of us regularly get together over coffee and talk about code.

 Here is a report that I sent back to our slack group to tell about what we did and I thought it might be good to share it here so I can point people somewhere when they ask what it is about:

 Code & Coffee was pretty epic this morning. I talked so much it took nearly three hours to finish my sandwich. The theme of today turned out to be Algorithms. We started talking about, and ACE editor which somehow go onto the topic of algorithms which it turns out we have both been brushing up on in the last few weeks.

We did light coverage a couple of sorting algorithms insertion and selection sorts) going through my notes and a run through of each on some sample data. Talked about the runtime ( O(n^2) ) then we talked about other sorting including 3 way quick sort which can get to linearithmic time with certain (likely) key distributions. (Also quick sort works well with modern caching architectures which is a free bonus performance boost)

 Then we wandered off into linked lists and doubly linked lists, heaps and binary search trees. Finishing up with finding the middle of a linked list in one pass. All in all it was a good discussion @Othelle allowed me to practice talking about the things made notes on and hopefully it was at least entertaining for him if not educational too.


Somewhere along the line we talked about Conway’s Game of Life
here are two implementations I did (one only gets partial credit:  (in C# partially done, check the commits for the interesting bit of this)  (in C for Arduino, code on request if I can find it back)

Also my (one) post for last year was a somewhat related topic: