Friday, January 21, 2022

Code & Coffee 1/21/2022

Topic:  Book Review: Code that fits in your head

  1. Intro
  2. Book review: Code that fits in your head:
    1. Slides:
    2. O'Reilly:
    3. Amazon:
  3. Talked a bit about state
    1. How to mutate 
    2. Functional stuff
    3. Grokking Simplicity
      1. Deconstruct programs into:
        1. Data
        2. Computations
        3. Actions
      2. Links to book:
      3. this pairs well with the book:
        1. "Solving Problems the Clojure way"
        2. This aligns well with the data/calculation/actions of Grokking Simplicity
  4. Matt's book recommendation:   "How not to be wrong"
      1. Using math to be righter

    1. Things started getting crazy around here and I couldn't keep up typing as much ;-) and my outline numbering is broken beyond comprehension.
  1. "97 things every programmer should know" - Kevlin Henney
    1. O'Reilly:
    2. Also look for other "97 things every X should know" books
  2. Refactoring - Martin Fowler
    1. Learn what the work REALLY means.
    2. Changing the shape of code without changing external behavior.
    3. O'Reilly:
    4. Amazon:
  3. Pheonix Project - 
    1. Accelerate - Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations"
      1. This is a data and case study driven book separated into two parts, the first part tells about the findings and the second part presents the backing data.  It may be possible to get most of what you want with just the first part if you suspend caring about the backing data.
      2. O'Reilly:
      3. Amazon:
    2. The Devops handbook - Gene Kim/Jez Humble
      1. May be hard to just read
      2. Amazon
      3. O'Reilly:
    3. The Unicorn project
  4. The mythical man month
    2. Classic that everyone should read.
  5. Unlimited book budget for the kids
    1. Go pick out any book you want
    2. Would rather have them read low quality stuff than not read at all.
    1. Daily email with quick hits for learning
  7. Hardcore History - podcast by Dan Carlin
Good stuff today!
Thank you everyone.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Code & Coffee 1/7/2022

 Topic of the day:  What is an "Expert"?

  • The Expert:
  • The name on the frame is Expert:
  • If someone else says you are good at something you may be an expert
  • If you think you are good:
  • Finding 3 BILLION unnecessary queries might mean you are an expert.
    • Added a cache in front of the db
    • Saved a week of cpu time every 24 hours
    • This was about 1/3rd of the queries
  • Shadow ops are easier when nobody is looking.
  • regexing for xml tags means you probably an expert (at causing yourself pain)
    • Oh by the way, intellij has regex tester (a la regex101) built in
  • Using string interpolation to insert comments making conditionals in your sql query might mean your an expert
    • or it might mean you like pain
  • March is not far from January
    • learning to estimate
    • nobody is an expert at estimation