Friday, April 22, 2022

Code & Coffee - 4/22/2022

 Code & Coffee 4/22/2022

  • Office upgrades
    • Warming up the floor 
      • Heated floor
      • Or a nice thick rug!
        • what about the rolly chair?
          • Hang it from the ceiling
          • Random stories
          • It's a good thing our dads didn't present a bull for the damages we caused
  • Working in Clojure
  • Catching up on who is where and how things are going
    • Worked with so-n-so for a couple years and saw him once even though we worked 20 ft apart.
      • different floors
  • Interview with a javascript developer:
  • Great Adventure dating book:
  • How to feel old
    • The new intern was born after I got married
    • The 20th anniversary edition of Tron is now 20 years old.
  • Coding challenge
    • Simulated PR in Github
      • How does the candidate respond to critical and positive feedback?
      • Unlimited time (days)
    • Differentiating developer level
      • Juniors talk about what happened around them
      • Mids talk about what happened in the project
      • Seniors talk about their contribution and the value to the business
      • Super Seniors talk about everything
  • Thomas wore a tie
  • How much cloud development/serverless can be done locally
    • Quite a bit but it gets complex
  • Cross cloud portability

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