Friday, August 27, 2021

Code & Coffee recap 8/27/2021

 Topic: Back to School.   Summer is over, it's time to hit the books,  what are you going to brush up on in the next few months?

QOTD: “I applied bootstrap, what more do you want”

  • Graphic design history
  • Graphic design vs front end dev
  • Language learning
    • DUO lingo has sad owls
  • Why the hate for PHP
    • forced input sanitization?

Intermission while I helped to get the kid’s car started

  • A case study in interpersonal interactions and work relationships between “Product” and “Engineering” teams
  • A brief discussion on age in software development
    • Is there a push out or do the grey hairs get lost in the sea of newbs?

And we will save the topic for another time, since is it mostly unused.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Code & Coffee recap 8/20/2021

Topic: Favorite historical computer… deferred to future since we didn't really get onto the topic today.

  • Talked about Helium mining and antennas a little bit
    • Just need to get a few more meters up and can 
  • Streaming data and web api
    • Makes better use of threads
    • High potential for better resource utilization
    • Check out R2DBC and WebFLUX for more ideas
  • Summer is almost done
    • And some are ready for it to be done
  • Mental context build time
    • Takes 20-30 minutes post interruption to rebuild context
  • Talked about what BNB in “AirBNB” really means
  • Useful for making docs sites:


Code & Coffee recap from 8/13/2021

 Topic: Conway’s Game of Life Challenge part 2 what did you learn.

  • High school was so long ago (for some of us)
  • Conway’s game is one of the exercises at Code Retreat
  • What did we learn
    • It takes a little while, especially the first time or the first time after a while
    • Talked about some of the trade offs that can be surfaced
      • Memory usage for a big grid
      • Processing time vs memory usage
      • Complexity 
  • Talked about micro controllers
  • Java script
    • this
      • is fun, what is the scoping and semantics
    • Functional vs OO javascript vs ???
      • ??? may be procedural
  • Lesson learned: “There is no substitute for Integration Tests”
    • again
    • This was not on Conway’s game but in real life.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Code & Coffee recap from 8/6/2021

 Topic: Conway’s Game of Life Challenge

  • Keeping up with tech
    • is important
    • or tech will leave you
  • Programming is hard: Copy all the elements of an array
    • for (m=0; m < len; m++) {
      • for (n=0; n < len; ++n) {
    • will it work?
      • no.
      • BOO!
    • This was an example problem and fragment of one person’s solution
    • This was a rough conversation.
    • Sometimes it takes a bit for things to click, sometimes they don’t
    • These conversations should be handled gracefully with an eye towards everyone’s future.
  • Some people are more wired for programming
  • Missed a lot of stuff about containers and networking and latency
    • And I was driving Sam so I missed taking notes
    • But it was good stuff
  • Bruce was talking about Native Spring
    • Sounds pretty cool, lots of potential
    • Make sure you have tests it sounds like there is some tree shaking going on during the running of the tests and if you don’t use a class in a test it might not notice that you need things compiled in to work.
  • Talked about the intersection of computerized processes and how they interact with the real world.
    • Do you know what the price is.  Really?
  • Introduced the “Conway’s Game of Life” challenge

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Code & Coffee recap from 7/30/2021

 Topic: "What are you reading"  60 second review and bring links to share if you are able.

This week we talked about what we are reading or looking forward to reading soon.  I find this to be an expensive topic as it tends to add more to my bookshelf.  Good discussion and lots of variety.


  • Segueing into management-is books:
    • Drive by Dan Pink
      • “this could be four blog posts and two ted talks and were done ;-)”
      • But it is still very much worth the read
    • Traction
      • EOS 
    • Effective Java
      • 90 rules, did one rule per day
    • Site Reliability Engineering
    • Next up
      • Head First Design Patterns



Does this look interesting to you?  Let me know in the comments and I will get you invited to the slack channel where we organize the group.