Friday, August 6, 2021

Code & Coffee recap from 8/6/2021

 Topic: Conway’s Game of Life Challenge

  • Keeping up with tech
    • is important
    • or tech will leave you
  • Programming is hard: Copy all the elements of an array
    • for (m=0; m < len; m++) {
      • for (n=0; n < len; ++n) {
    • will it work?
      • no.
      • BOO!
    • This was an example problem and fragment of one person’s solution
    • This was a rough conversation.
    • Sometimes it takes a bit for things to click, sometimes they don’t
    • These conversations should be handled gracefully with an eye towards everyone’s future.
  • Some people are more wired for programming
  • Missed a lot of stuff about containers and networking and latency
    • And I was driving Sam so I missed taking notes
    • But it was good stuff
  • Bruce was talking about Native Spring
    • Sounds pretty cool, lots of potential
    • Make sure you have tests it sounds like there is some tree shaking going on during the running of the tests and if you don’t use a class in a test it might not notice that you need things compiled in to work.
  • Talked about the intersection of computerized processes and how they interact with the real world.
    • Do you know what the price is.  Really?
  • Introduced the “Conway’s Game of Life” challenge

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