Friday, August 20, 2021

Code & Coffee recap from 8/13/2021

 Topic: Conway’s Game of Life Challenge part 2 what did you learn.

  • High school was so long ago (for some of us)
  • Conway’s game is one of the exercises at Code Retreat
  • What did we learn
    • It takes a little while, especially the first time or the first time after a while
    • Talked about some of the trade offs that can be surfaced
      • Memory usage for a big grid
      • Processing time vs memory usage
      • Complexity 
  • Talked about micro controllers
  • Java script
    • this
      • is fun, what is the scoping and semantics
    • Functional vs OO javascript vs ???
      • ??? may be procedural
  • Lesson learned: “There is no substitute for Integration Tests”
    • again
    • This was not on Conway’s game but in real life.

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