Friday, August 27, 2021

Code & Coffee recap 8/27/2021

 Topic: Back to School.   Summer is over, it's time to hit the books,  what are you going to brush up on in the next few months?

QOTD: “I applied bootstrap, what more do you want”

  • Graphic design history
  • Graphic design vs front end dev
  • Language learning
    • DUO lingo has sad owls
  • Why the hate for PHP
    • forced input sanitization?

Intermission while I helped to get the kid’s car started

  • A case study in interpersonal interactions and work relationships between “Product” and “Engineering” teams
  • A brief discussion on age in software development
    • Is there a push out or do the grey hairs get lost in the sea of newbs?

And we will save the topic for another time, since is it mostly unused.

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