Friday, January 7, 2022

Code & Coffee 1/7/2022

 Topic of the day:  What is an "Expert"?

  • The Expert:
  • The name on the frame is Expert:
  • If someone else says you are good at something you may be an expert
  • If you think you are good:
  • Finding 3 BILLION unnecessary queries might mean you are an expert.
    • Added a cache in front of the db
    • Saved a week of cpu time every 24 hours
    • This was about 1/3rd of the queries
  • Shadow ops are easier when nobody is looking.
  • regexing for xml tags means you probably an expert (at causing yourself pain)
    • Oh by the way, intellij has regex tester (a la regex101) built in
  • Using string interpolation to insert comments making conditionals in your sql query might mean your an expert
    • or it might mean you like pain
  • March is not far from January
    • learning to estimate
    • nobody is an expert at estimation

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