Friday, November 19, 2021

Code & Coffee 11/19/2021

 No official topic today.

  1. The fun vs irresponsibility curve at Disney
    1. Aiming for peak irresponsibility to attain maximum fun
      1. A little irresponsibility is fun (fully responsible people don't bother with DW)
      2. too much is Gaston-esque and no longer fun
    2. Issues with group tickets
  2. Going on vacation... is fun
    1. Who is gonna do all this stuff when you are gone.
  3. "Postgres jsonb columns"
    1. Working on making this work with Java records
    2. Sounds like fun to me
    3. Dump it in and add indexes to make it work more better.
  4. We talked about modeling the domain objects in the database
    1. Talked a bit about parent-child relationships in the db
  5. Talking about hiring and attrition
  6. Contribute to an open source project as part of the interview process
    1. Have a list of issues on a project give one to a candidate and assess the performance
    2. Sounds like an interesting idea and certainly less sleazy than extracting from a candidate for a proprietary product.

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