Friday, November 5, 2021

Code & Coffee - 11/5/2021

 No official topic

  • Asking multiple questions in an email
    • Is hard
    • Sometimes the first of two is answered
    • Sometimes the last of two, confusing
  • What are you doing for fun
    • Rebuilding an engine
    • Lego robotics
      • Interesting observations on amount of code vs readability
      • Output to the screen take quite a bit of time
      • Event systems for mitigating the output
    • Github copilot
      • 50% of the time it makes junk
      • 25% of the time it makes something that will be ok after a little editing
      • 15% of the time it makes something that is ok as is
      • 10% of the time is does something surprisingly good
      • It seems to learn your style
      • Quick demo
    • Simple JDBC has been released:
    • JDK 17 is nice, the google formatting plugin needs to catch up.

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