Friday, November 5, 2021

Code & Coffee 10/29/2021

 No topic today

  • Long lived pets
  • Generating Hibernate ids for externally generated ids
    • The interesting trick is to configure the
  • Force push to master!
    • Removing some unfortunate content that was committed
    • Removed the content and cleaned up the history
    • Something strange in the neighborhood
      • Who you gonna call?
        • Git Busters
  • I got an interesting recursion question
    • Can you say that again?
      • NO!  We have hit the base case.
  • Cycle detection
    • Talked about different options for cycle detection
  • Sooooo close to getting Java 17 working
    • Waiting for an image on the cloud provider
  • Barges vs speedboats
  • Source of truth in the database
    • vs source of lies

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