Friday, October 15, 2021

Code & Coffee - 10/15/2021

 No official topic today

  • Brief discussion on crypto currencies
    • Really DODO coin?  not sure that would be my first choice for a coin name.
  • Spanner database is pretty cool
    • Distributed SQL database
    • New feature: 100% compatible Postgres interface
  • Camping and shooting guns
    • Reminiscing about Calvinist Cadets
  • Digitizing slides
    • Dust is not your friend
    • The dynamic range of film is still impressive
    • Still not going to back to film though
    • Kodachrome was noticeably better with the older pictures
    • The project brought back some good memories
  • Ebay fees
    • They charge seller fee on tax????
    • Who would do that aside from Michigan where you pay tax on tax at the gas pump
  • Performance testing
    • is more than just load testing, really it is.
Next week:  Re-introduction to SOLID

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