Friday, October 8, 2021

Code & Coffee - 10/8/2021


  • Camera background stuff
    • What's in your background
    • How much do you just let anything go or carefully compose the background
  • Facebook went down a little
    • Rumors... 
    • Apparently they stopped advertising part of their network on BGP
    • I don't use Facebook often but when I do it is down
  • Re-org
    • Is a lot of trading one set of problems for another
  • Remote/Onsite hybrid working
    • Remote vs on-site ratios
    • Differences in how personal connections are created and maintained
  • Buying and selling cars can be fun
    • Bruce told about a video where a guy put a for sale sign on a car and waited for the real owner to show up and nearly ended up buying it from the owner
    • We recounted more interesting car sale stories
  • Odd git behavior
    • comes from odd devs
    • pr wants to merge 39482393 commits from develop_future_dev_nextgen_evenbetterthistime to develop_future_nextgen
  • No frameworks!!!!!
    • Java manifest files are not fun
    • Oh that one with the ejbs is ok, but only cause its old and not fun
  • QOTD:  "They had the ultimate pimped out Jenkins instance"
  • Same language on front end and back end??
    • Well it worked so well for Java, lets try it with Javascript
    • More discussion about this
    • Understanding principals of software design
    • Where is the experience and where does it come from
    • Architecture is ..... delaying the decision
      • NOT picking tools and toys
      • The tech is the problem.... so let's switch the language, yeah that will work.
        • No not really, you are in tradeoff land, just trading a set of known problems for a new set of unknown problems
        • It is not always a bad idea, but you have to come up with the real reason.
  • Happy birthday Dave S. enjoy the Oculus Quest and the virtual working.
    • Talked about roller coasters and dinosaur parks and unexpected movement vs controlled movement and the queasy factor involved in each.
    • It is hard to pick out a gift for tech people.
  • Time to take out the trash!

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