Friday, September 24, 2021

Code & Coffee 9/24/2021

 Code & Coffee 9/24/2021

Topic:  Learning like a Nobel Prize winning Physicist (Richard Feynman)

My outline and topic notes.

  • Talked about antennas and Ham Radio
  • Adding step zero, gathering the information about the topic
  • Replace you words with diagrams
  • Also is this about "the need to show off"?
    • Is some of this "Do as I say not as I do"
  • Asciinema:
    • My demo:
    • Talked about screen recording terminal sessions
      • mitigation techniques
      • mitigating mitigation techniques
  • Physics vs. Astro Physics vs. Quantum Mechanics
    • They are all a bit different
    • Use lots of diagrams and examples
  • Audio Book: Surely your joking Mr. Feynman
  • Using this in real life:
    • Bruce: has a presentation next week that can be refined.
    • Ryan: interested in using this to improve onboarding.
  • Learning styles
    • Veritasium: The biggest myth in education (You are not a visual learner)
    • Make sure to touch on each of these while you are presenting
    • "Inquiry Learning"
    • "Flipped Classroom"
    • "The best way to teach people is to not teach them"
      • Instead of the traditional tests and structure
        • Mastery structure
        • "This is a list of what you need to demonstrate that you have learned"
        • Choose your own adventure on how to demonstrate mastery.
  • General work banter
    • Sales are good and strong, back to 2019 levels
      • Trans is working Saturdays to drive pizza dough around
      • Supply chain is working to get back in order
      • Supply chains are resonant systems and there is noise in the system
  • Water filtering and putting stuff back into pure water
    • Need to put stuff back into filtered water to make you not demineralize
  • Watch out for illegal goat farms
  • Also walapini may be a good server celler.
  • Someone always takes the good ideas
    • but wait theres more... the idea isn't dead yet.
Lots of new people, and as usual lots of good discussion.

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