Wednesday, January 22, 2014

GR Testers lightning talk notes

Notes from my GR Testers lightning talk:

Tuckman's stages of group development.

- Form
- The team forms and comes together initially
- Initial period of politeness while forming
- "Honeymoon" period
- Storm
- Personalities come out
- Conflict arise over differing ideals
- Roles within the teams are being sorted out
- Norm
- A mutual plan converges and forms
- Relaxing of individual ideals

- Perform
- Able to get a job done smoothly and efficiently
- Communication barriers a reduced

- Stages
- Not all teams get to each step
- Sometimes there is reversion to earlier stages
- Later an "Adjourning" stage was added, but it does not rhyme so we don't say it.
- Team manager role adjusts greatly through the stages of development
- One of the common by-products is one of the team members is ready to become a team manager the team and the old manager will restart the process with a new team. Some managers fear this, but it is a natural and key part of creating high performing teams.

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