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Code & Coffee - 6/24/2022

 Code & Coffee - 6/24/2022

  1. Talked about microservices and nanoseconds
    1. 75% reduction in database calls but still a bit slower, crossing network more.
    2. Is the speed of light catching up to us?
    3. Link to Grace Hopper on Letterman
        1. Nanoseconds are around 4:30
        2. Good thing she was on the show the other guy wasn't that funny
        3. Make sure to stick around until 7:30 to find out about pico seconds
  2. More spitballing on the odd JVM GC behavior
    1. Interactions with Kubernetes and JVM flags is confusing
  3. Puppies
    1. are stressful
    2. training regressions are messy

Probably talked about other stuff too, but apparently this is where my notes left off.

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