Friday, May 27, 2011

Engage! - Boldy going.

Going where no one has gone before is hard.

Going where people have gone before is hard enough.

How do you get there?

Lets spy at the crew of the USS Enterprise for a few moments.  In a typical episode we start out calmly enough, then something happens.  The Romulans, Klingons, Borg or whatever show up and start wrecking havoc.  It is almost always a dire situation.  Life and death for all aboard the ship, an entire planet or even the entire human race.  What happens next?  The command crew assembles and comes up with a brilliant plan.  Every thing is going to be ok, they have a plan.  All of the details are worked out.  Every one knows what they are to do.  It is all going to be better now.  It is time.  Time for the Captain to give the order.


The order must be given.  All the planning is worthless unless you engage the project.  Get moving and "make it so" (another of the captains tag lines)

So who is giving you the order?  Who is giving me the order?  Are you going to "Engage" or just sit back and watch the universe go by?

You are your own captain, you have to make things happen.  Make you plan.  Plot your course and Engage!

This is part two of my micro series inspired by GR Testers pop culture lightning talks night.   Watch out for the final chapter coming soon.

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